Bo Peep Women’S Costume


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We all know how the Little Bo Beep nursery rhyme goes. A young shepherdess brings her flock of sheep to a meadow and carelessly loses them. First of all, we don’t completely understand how a how a herd of sheep suddenly go missing in an open field since their white fluffy bodies are pretty hard to miss. To us, this situation sounds like more of a tragedy than a children’s rhyme and as you can imagine, the whole ordeal has left a negative impact on Miss Bo Peep. After the sheep finally came home (honestly, we still have no idea what they were doing during their impromptu departure), the young herder vowed to never bring her sheep anywhere ever again, fearing they would flee… once again. Bo Peep’s recent decision to leave her sheep behind has been life-changing. Now, Bo can traipse around freely like the young independent woman that she is without worrying about her flock suddenly deserting her. She can be carefree and spontaneous while enjoying herself with others at social events and celebrations, without babysitting animals. It’s really done wonders for her social life!

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