Authentic Replica Chewbacca Men’S Costume


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Everyone knows it?s not wise to upset a Wookiee. Well, almost everyone, but usually if someone does make that mistake they learn their lesson pretty quickly either with a stern roar in their face or by getting their arms ripped out of their sockets. We?re not sure how often that last one happens, but it sounds like a very effective way for a Wookiee to get their point across. Luckily, Chewbacca usually prefers roaring and growling over dismemberment, so he?s a lot easier to get along with, which is great because he sure is a good dude to have on your side in a firefight! He?s also pretty handy with a hydrospanner, because someone has got to keep the Falcon running while Han Solo is out chatting up other smugglers and flirting with Princess Leia. Nobody is going to even think about upsetting you when you are decked out in this Chewbacca Costume Authentic Replica. In fact, don?t be surprised if everyone forgets you aren?t really Chewie! This full body jumpsuit is covered head to toe in shaggy synthetic faux fur to resemble the scruffy style Wookiees are so fond of. Matching separate furry latex gloves and foot covers allow for better freedom of movement while seamlessly blending with the bodysuit, and the latex mask has eye and ventilation holes for comfort. Throw on the included bandolier and satchel accessory and you?ll be ready for your next smuggling run. Remember to keep your distance, but don?t look like you?re trying to keep your distance. Just fly casual!

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